Community Service Programs
Yorktown Woman's Club
Community Service Programs

Arts -  Ginny Napiers Chair
The Arts Department contains two programs:
Arts in the Community  and Creative Arts.   These programs provide a framework for clubwomen to pursue a variety of artistic interests while simultaneously educating their communities on the important role art plays in our lives.

The GFWC art contests give members an opportunity to explore their creativity in photography, literature, and poetry. GFWC also sponsors youth writing contests, which are judged on the local, state and national levels. These contests are held every year, and the rules and guidelines may be found in the program outlines at the GFWC Virginia Website..  

Members work with Very Special Arts (VSA Arts) and the Council for Art Education, two organizations dedicated to teaching and exploring art in our communities.  

Conservation - Carol Scott, Chair

Both programs in GFWC's Conservation Department are designed to inspire clubwomen to establish and implement environmental awareness programs in their communities.

The GFWC Beautification Program encourages clubs to educate members and citizens about the importance of beautifying their communities and keeping them litter free. Clubwomen are encouraged to support local efforts to maintain local gardens, parks, and other places of beauty.

By participating in the GFWC Resource Conservation Program, clubs strive to maintain and preserve the earth's natural resources. Members educate their communities on the environment, work within their local governments to raise conservation issues, and support programs, like recycling, that allow children to appreciate all that the environment has to offer.

Clubwomen also organize a variety of neighborhood and national park preservation projects and work with other conservation organizations.

Education - Sue Gorski, Chair

The GFWC Education Department encourages clubwomen to create learning opportunities for themselves and their communities through volunteerism. It includes two programs:

The Education in the Community Program motivates members to support programs that urge lifelong education. From supporting local libraries to the pursuit of continued learning in the Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO) program, GFWC members encourage self-education and awareness through literature and continuing education. They also work to help students pursue higher education by providing numerous scholarships to deserving students.

Our Focus on Literacy Program focuses on getting children excited about reading, tutoring those children and adults in need of extra assistance, and promoting and participating in adult literacy programs. Clubwomen are important fixtures in the community, not only tutoring, but also offering new and exciting programs for kids. GFWC members also give their time to English as a Second Language (ESL) programs and teach courses that help adults pass citizenship tests.

Home Life/Health - Pat Adams/Sandy Renner, Co- Chairs

The GFWC Home Life Community Service Program includes three programs that acquaint members with contemporary issues facing their communities and offer resources to enable clubwomen to improve their communities through volunteerism.

GFWC's Focus on Health Program  provides important information about current health issues facing women with the objective of improving the health and quality of life of clubwomen. GFWC has strong partnerships with various nonprofit and health organizations to achieve this goal.  

The Helping Hands Program educates members about organizations that improve the lives of those in need and provides opportunities for clubwomen to get involved within their communities. From Canine Companions for Independence to Easter Seals, the Helping Hands program strives to provide diverse and meaningful volunteer opportunities for clubwomen.

Our Focus on Financial Issues Program encourages members to educate themselves and others about financial issues, such as credit scores, philanthropic giving, identity theft, and social security. Through this program, clubs hold workshops, invite financial advisors to meetings, and openly discuss money-related issues facing American women and families today.  

International Outreach - Lynda Burton, Chair

GFWC's International Affairs Department allows clubs to reach beyond their own communities through education and global awareness.

The Reaching Out Internationally Program partners GFWC with organizations such as Care, Plan USA, Clowns Without Borders, Heifer Project International, and many more. Through collaboration with these organizations, clubwomen make a lasting impact on children, families, and communities worldwide.

The United Nations Program educates members and their communities about UN programs concerning women and children, and supports GFWC's presence as a UN Non-Governmental Organization Observer. The United Nations Program includes participation with organizations such as UNICEF, Campaign Against HIV/AIDS, and UNIFEM.

Public Issues - Sharon Stack, Chair

The Public Affairs Department consists of two programs:

The Focus on Community Safety Program encourages members to take an active interest in home and vehicle safety, present safety information programs to members, and encourage citizen action in regards to safety issues facing their communities.

The Citizenship in Action Program works to educate members and others about the importance of active citizenship. Under this program, clubwomen create nonpartisan voter awareness, hold forums to discuss political issues, and teach the importance of voting and citizenship to young people. The Citizenship Program also embraces causes dedicated to supporting our troops and veterans. Clubwomen prepare care packages for soldiers overseas, hold fundraisers, and volunteer to help injured soldiers transition back to civilian life.  

Court Docents - Marilyn Staton, Ellen Raffetto, Co-Chair

The Court Docent Program was started by a local York County judge about 25 years ago.
 The purpose was to educate the High school senior class members on the workings of the court and to expose the students to the various choices of careers  which they might consider.  The Woman's Club has been the coordinator between the school, York County Bar Association, the Regional Jail facility and the Sheriff's Department.  It is an enlightening experience for the Docents and we hope the students come away feeling it is a good experience.  This is part of the Public Issues Community Service Program.