President's Letter
Yorktown Woman's Club

Together we can do great things, which none of us alone could imagine!

Dear Friends and Yorktown Woman's Club Members,

​It's difficult to believe that one year of my tenure as your president has already passed! I have enjoyed the challenges we have faced together. We have offered a wide variety of services to our community and our world. We have left small but definite footprints in the sands of time. Working together, we are able to make a difference in the lives of some of those we met. We have traveled the roads to expand our horizons, traveling to Ginter Gardens and taking in the beauty of their flowers with Christmas lights. We traveled, too to the Hillwood Gardens and Estates and reveled in ancient opulence of antiquities rescued from destruction and the spring abundance of flowers.

​On this trip, we also visited our GFWC home in Washington, D.C. at 1734 N Street N.W. Here we were graciously greeted by Babs Condon, the current President of GFWC International. We left with pins and Clubwomen Christmas ornaments, but more than that, we experienced the joy of finding where we belonged. This home belongs to all clubwomen - the grand and exalted and the new member. All were welcomed and greeted. WE are GFWC!

​Our 2015-2016 calendar is filled with opportunities to serve, contribute and enjoy. We have added new events and retained many of our old favorites. We will continue our Yorktown Day Brunswick Stew and Ham Biscuit Luncheon with delicious pies and cookies made by our caring hands. We will have our Chocolate and Savory wine tasting at the Hornsby House. Our May Luncheon will offer 3 scholarships to Yorktown high school students. New events include a sale of Christmas Decor at the December 5 Christmas Market in Yorktown, a financial planning information session by Gail King, our members and a retired Stockbroker, a special woman's History event will be held in March to celebrate Woman's History Month. Together we will explore many new and familiar opportunities for service and friendship.

​Please note, there is a new listing of organizations for which your volunteer hours may be counted at reporting time in this book. This includes organizations to whom we may not offer financial support, but to whom we can offer our time.

​My Motto for this year remains, "Together we can do great things, which none of us alone could imagine." My emblem is pictured above. During this year, we will put projects together as a team. Making the pieces fit, we will laugh and struggle to succeed together as friends. Finally we will improve our community as General Federation of Woman's Club members. We are part of the greater world around us.

​Thank you for allowing me to be part of this awe inspiring group, I remain in your service,

​Linda Avery, YWC President

Together we can do great things, which none of us alone could imagine!